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Restoring climate.
Transforming air pollution.

The dawn of

a clean planet.

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A ground-breaking alternative
to existent carbon capture

1. Low-cost capture

Service that doesn't cost the Earth

  • industrial direct source capture
  • installed where needed with retrofit
  • hardware provided as part of the service
  • low energy use
  • marginal transportation needs
  • no permanent storage required

2. All air pollutants

More than CO2

Carbon dioxide is not the only problem—we capture most greenhouse gases and air pollutants, including methane.  This constantly improving technology can be adapted to gases and air pollutants of specific locations and industries.

3. Circular process

Transforming pollution
into products

Captured pollutants are transformed into sustainable industrial raw materials, the base for many industrial and consumer products. In addition, the technology to separate pure carbon, one of the most durable elements, is currently being developed.

Everyday necessities made with air pollution
e-waste material

Certified by the United Nations material made of electronic waste—one of the most problematic refuse, hardly ever recycled.

building blocks & tiles

Currently considered for sale by Home Depot, these building products are made with plastic mixed with air pollution.

See process

biodegradable bags

Made of CO2 +  and biological material, those products are biodegradable in 18 months.

See news coverage

FIVA parts

The perfect circle: air pollution transformed into parts of the machine that captures it.

That's not all.


Constantly improving technology can be mixed with almost any air pollutants and green-house gases.


The technology can be run with minimal energy consumption.

The system is called FIVA in honour of Muisca,  the indigenous people of Colombia. According to their mythology, fiva – the air,  was the first matter created in the universe.


The technology can be installed directly on pollution sources across all locations and industries.

Proven and patented technology

The city of Giradota has hired independent third parties (universities and research institutes) with specialised equipment from NASA to verify the FIVA’s ability to purify air.

Patents granted with a range of new patents being prepared.

complex and costly storage of CO2 gas required

energy consuming

high cost

location limiting

captured CO2 and other pollutants transformed into useful materials

nearly no energy-consuming

low cost

works at any location and industry

Birthed by Colombian ingenuity.
Delivered with Norwegian diligence.

Beyond clean air

Mariana Perez,
CTO & Founder

This ground-breaking solution is led by a Colombian woman technologist. Mariana developed it from the prototype to the industrial model.

Claes Richard Olsen Dysthe
Regional Director, Americas

Richard represents a legacy of international business leadership and indigenous community conflict resolution.

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(previously Norwegian Sustainable Technology AS)

‘The  Holocene has ended. What we do now will profoundly affect the next few thousand years.’


David Attenborough, World Economic Forum, Davos 2019

The dawn of a clean planet·

The dawn of a clean planet·

The dawn of a clean planet·

The dawn of a clean planet·

The dawn of a clean planet·